“We Booked DJ+Sax+Drums because we couldn’t decide whether we wanted a DJ or a band. The music was absolutely spot on and all three musicians were full of energy and highly entertaining.”
– Mark Savage, 12 February 2020, party in London


“Everyone had a really amazing time. They were fantastic, very cool and exactly what we were hoping for. We didn’t fully appreciate what a difference the live element in the form of the sax and percussion would make, but we were amazed by how well they worked together.”
– Toni Shaw, 21 December 2019, wedding in London


“Not only was their set creative, memorable and entertaining, but their professionalism made them a pleasure to work with. They were extremely organised from booking to performance and al communication was fantastic. There was talk of their performance around town for a considerable time afterwards.”
– James Tulley, 12 December 2019, Artistic Director @ Dicks Tea Bar, Val D’Isere, France